Welcome to the Thames Valley science network

“Science is not a technique, or a body of knowledge, though it uses both. It is rather an attitude of enquiry, of observation and reasoning with respect to the world. It can be developed, not by memorising facts or juggling formulae to get an answer, but only by actual practice of scientific observation and reasoning.” 

Nobel Prize winner, K. T. Compton

Historically educational support and development to schools has been provided by the local authority through the provision of Advisers who were highly experienced teachers, subject leaders and school leaders who were able to provide schools with specialist, up-to-date unbiased support and new ideas to aid school development.

Over the last few years the relationship between schools and local authorities has changed, resulting in the removal of direct advisory support or a commissioned service model; schools now have to find their own advice and guidance for the curriculum and whole school matters, or where they subscribe are never certain of the quality or experience of the support provided.

The Thames Valley Science Network was established in 2014, to provide a wide range of services and support for schools to enable them to make the most of their available resources and to keep ahead of the game in education.